Assalamualaikum and Bounjour to all readers on my blog , you've already enter my territory which is owned by NAJWA ZULKEPLI , i love my paper heart MUHAMMAD NASRI So mind your attitude and anons be nice please :) this is me and how I'll stay :)

they ask me how my day was as if it's the same everyday i said that i'm oke , but you don't know how i really feel . Do you think i would be oke without you ? Are you oke without me ? The world without you is so hard , that i blame myself for still brething . what should i do ? Even now, i live each day in pain because of your world . Tell me if this is a bad thing to do . Are you living each day in pain like i am ? You and me . Are we too late ? Do we not have a chance ? I still think about you and you might know this . Finally , is this it ? Are we going to end like this ? Is it oke with you ? i Don't think i can do it . The love i found in you .. I won't find it anywhere even if i die . What should i do ? If it isn't you no one else can hold my hear ! please hold me And you know even though the whole world tries to no one can erase your memories . So please hold me .. because i love you i need you and i really miss you :-( 

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