Assalamualaikum and Bounjour to all readers on my blog , you've already enter my territory which is owned by NAJWA ZULKEPLI , i love my paper heart MUHAMMAD NASRI So mind your attitude and anons be nice please :) this is me and how I'll stay :)

There's a lot of things I feel sorry for but there's a lot of things i couldn't say . For you who has turned away right now , i can only give tears . Truthfully i'm so upset . I don't even know the reason to why i have to seperate with you . I'm so upset . For real for real i'm crying right now though you see me smiling . I love you i love you . It was all a mistake . Even though you get mad , it's alright . Even though you scold me , it's alright . So please don't , Don't leave me . Don't go .. You don't have to love me , I will just love you my self . Just today , just today can't you bear only for today ? i think i can't send you away like this . Turn it back to the beginning Turn it back to the time  When you loved me . I'm sorry i'm sorry i didn't know that your heart left me , that you don't like me anymore . I lived wthout noticing . Whatever i do , what should i do if your heart left me  . Even though it stays besides me , it's not love without you i'm not even worth to be with you ..

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